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7 New Useful Gadgets Under 200

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  1. Tooth Polisher – This tooth polisher give Excellent result at home. We can use this polisher weekly for bright and white teeth and smile.
Tooth Polisher

2.Laundry Hamper – This laundry bag is waterproof and foldable. We can use easily this laundry hamper. This is a multi purpose uses hamper.

Laundry Bag

3. Window Door Alarm – This window alarm easy to assemble with just peel and stick adhesive. The magnetic sensor switch detects intrusion and protects your home or office indoors or outdoors.

Window Door Alarm

4.Screwdriver Set -Strong magnetic screwdriver handle with 31 screwdriver bits . Made of high carbon alloy steel. PP+ carbon steel. A body that secures the durability and strength of the driver.

Screwdriver Set

5. Shoe Bag– This shoe bag is very easy to carry in travel. This bag we can be usesd sportsshoes, Clothes, and other daily necessities. This bag is dustproof and lightweight.

Shoe Bag

6. Scalp Massager A daily shampoo thoroughly removes dandruff and buildup from the scalp and allows hair care products to penetrate deeply, leaving hair cleaner and fresher. Gently massage into dry or wet hair to revitalize the scalp.

Scalp Massager

7. Reusable Dishwasher – Double sided bristles helps drop and cleans the dishes fluently. It’s soft bristles are non abrasive, making it gentle on any pot or visage. Each sponger has a hanging circle for easy storehouse and quick drying.

Reusable Dishwasher

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